Virgin HairGrades 101


Whether you are new at buying hair extensions or are someone who is a seasoned professional buyer, one common part of hair extensions that seems confusing to anyone is the grade of human hair. You may have heard of terms such as Non-Remy, Remy, Virgin Hair, Virgin Remy Hair and more. Then to complicate things even more, you may have heard of Jewish Wigs, Kosher Wigs, Malaysian, European, Russian, Russian Slavic, Brazilian, Indian, Cambodian, and Peruvian hair. What does all of this mean? Trinity Custom Wigs (TCW), based out of California understands how this can become confusing. We are the leader in Virgin Hair that specializes in Russian Slavic and Jewish Kosher Wigs. Our matchless quality and pricing makes TCW the quality choice worldwide.

Like any type of grading system a higher grade equals a better quality type of hair then the previous grade. Like any product, the higher the quality then the longer it will last. With human hair, treatment is also a part of the condition to ensuring that the hair lasts the longest time. Time for how long hair will last is estimated based upon basic routine care. So for example, if you bleach or dye your hair instead of using the natural color, this can diminish the amount of time that the hair can last. So you want to take that into consideration before you bleach or dye the hair and you may want to look into obtaining a custom color of hair.

Now let us explain the different types of hair including virgin hair and explain from Grade 3A to Grade 9A. This way you can compare TCW’s virgin hair, short wigs and custom wigs to other wig maker companies and see the top quality of Trinity Custom Wigs hair.

First we need to understand the difference between human hair and synthetic hair. You will find that synthetic hair can be appealing from price, however human hair has many benefits and virgin hair is even more beneficial than regular human hair.

Most people like synthetic hair since it has greatly advanced over the years. In fact, some of the top quality synthetic hair looks and feels like human hair. So when shoppers look at synthetic hair they feel it is the same quality of human, Remy or Virgin hair. It is true that synthetic hair can be worn right away and can hold up in multiple weather conditions whether hot, cold or wet.

However, the reason why buyers buy hair extensions, custom wigs and short wigs is because they want natural looking hair that they can use as if it were their own hair. This is where many buyers find that synthetic hair, even the best quality type falls short and is not worth the investment.

  1. Synthetic hair is easy to use but lacks versatility which makes it not something you can style.

This very fact is one of the limitations of synthetic hair. In fact, you would have to pay even more money to buy synthetic hair that can handle the direct heat of an iron to be bale to handle styling. Many people misconstrue the fact that synthetic hair being all weather does not mean it can handle the direct heat of irons. Having said that, there have even been reports that even heat friendly synthetic hair is still hard to manage unlike human hair.

  1. Even with proper hair care, synthetic hair still has a short shelf life.

One fact remains about synthetic hair is that it comes with a short shelf life. If you take proper care of your synthetic hair, the shelf life is still up to six months maximum. If you do not go to extra lengths to take care of the synthetic hair, then the longest life span it will last is three months maximum. This is the same life span of 3A grade human hair. Synthetic hair at its longest life span can be more expensive from buying this hair over and over again, then to buy a Grade 9A Virgin hair that can last you up to five years with proper hair care. At the very least 9A Grade Virgin Hair will last you around three years.

  1. Some synthetic hair can be even more expensive than Human Hair or Virgin Hair.

Depending on what brand you buy, some synthetic hair can be even more expensive than lower grade human hair. Over time this can become costly, because you will need to replenish the hair on average every three to four months. Grade 5A Human Hair can last at least six months and more than likely up to a year. This means that with top quality synthetic hair you would not to get at least three to four new orders to make up for the time of human hair that is mid-grade. Even 6A Grade Virgin hair could last around two years. This means it would take six to eight new orders to last the same amount of time, but you are having a less quality of hair that is not as easy to manage or style. If you were to get the heat tempered synthetic hair then you would be over paying what you could get Grade 9A Virgin Hair.

As you can see from our example, synthetic hair has less benefits and can result in more cost over time then from buying quality human hair then it is worth. Synthetic hair manufacturers rely on buyers who feel they are receiving a bargain price compared to human hair but do not realize the limitations of synthetic hair until they have already overpaid the normal costs of Virgin Hair. Now let us go into the different types of human hair.

So Grade 3A human hair is a very low grade of hair that used for wigs. This type of hair is great for short term styles that are inexpensive and can work well with silicone mixes inside of the hair itself.  You should be able to use this type of hair for three months and if you were totally negligent with the hair, it should still last at least thirty days.

When you start looking into Grade 4A human hair this is where you start seeing the lowest grades of Virgin Hair. This type of Virgin Hair is attractive for people who do not want to invest a lot of money into Virgin Hair. Some people refer to Virgin Hair as cuticle hair since the cuticles go in the same direction which makes the hair flow seamlessly. Grade 4A hair does not have the cuticles going all in the same direction. There are over seventy-five percent of the hairs going in the same direction, but they usually do not exceed more than eighty percent. If you want to bleach or dye your hair then Grade 4A Virgin Hair is not for you, however the hair can last upwards to six months if you take care of it.

Grade 5A hair is the lowest level of Virgin Hair that you can dye and bleach. You can go as far as number twenty-seven and it is a good quality hair that can last about one year if you take care of it. So this is a good quality of Virgin Hair and higher then a Grade 4A but it is not the highest quality. However, this is a mid-range quality of hair that is still much better than the top quality synthetic hair on the market. As we mentioned previously, this type of Virgin Hair is still much cheaper over the long term then going with the best quality synthetic hair that is still not going to be as easy to manage or style.

If you are looking for a Virgin Hair where the cuticles all remain in the same direction, then you will be looking at Grade 6A Virgin Hair and above. This is a highly good quality cuticle hair that has natural color that can also be versatile as it can be dyed or bleached without any limitations. This type of Virgin Remy Hair is ideal for custom a custom wig do to its flawless hairline appearance as well as being able to create a custom color with it. This is a Pure Virgin Remy quality hair with proper care can last around two years. This is why it is considered by some as a “Royalty Grade” hair and is listed as premium grade human hair.

Grade 9A hair is even better than Grade 6A hair. Trinity’s: Trinity Custom Wigs specializes in Grade 9A Raw Virgin Russian Hair and European Hair. Grade 9A hair is the highest quality you can buy in Virgin Hair which is why TCW only offers high-end Russian and European hair in Grade8 A. This hair can last as long as three years on average, has the ability to be bleached, dyed and custom colored as well as can be worn as a long wig and has the ability to be styled wavy, straight, kinky and curly. This is a flawless wig that demonstrates a flawless hairline. Grade 9A hair if taken care of properly can last up to five years if you do not bleach or dye it and looks like the most natural hair.

Russian, Russian Slavic and European hair is what TCW specializes in. We take pride in offering the best and highest grade Russian hair on the market which has set apart Trinity Custom Wigs apart from any other hair supplier in the world.

So now that you have a better idea about the different grades of human hair and understand the difference between natural hair and synthetic hair, you are ready to start learning about the bundles and bundle deals that Trinity Custom Wigs offers.

We are also sure that you may have very specific questions which is why Trinity Custom Wigs is here to answer any questions you may have whether it is by e-mail or telephone. We hope that this information will help you better understand the quality of hair that we offer and will give you a better experience when shopping for long wigs, short wigs and bundles.

We also carry custom wigs, perruque complete and peruca styles in Brazilian, Peruvian, Cambodian, Malaysian, Indian, and Mongolian hair types. Whether you are looking for a natural color or a custom color, TCW can provide the hair that will create the style and look you are looking for.

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