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Trinity's Custom Wig Duplication

Posted by Ajay Mistri on

High Quality Custom Human Hair Wigs that Everyone can Buy! Hair forms a critical part of your appearance. Whether you are a blonde, Burnette, have silky hair or kinky curls, your hair defines your personality. Women, in particular, have a strong association with their hair and having luxurious, thick, flowing hair has become a standard beauty requirement. However, not everyone has naturally thick and glamorous locks. On the contrary, most women use artificial hair extensions and wigs to enhance their experience and make their hair more voluminous and stunning. These extensions range in quality and looks, from average hair pieces...

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Virgin Hair Grades 101

Posted by Trinity Halland on

  Whether you are new at buying hair extensions or are someone who is a seasoned professional buyer, one common part of hair extensions that seems confusing to anyone is the grade of human hair. You may have heard of terms such as Non-Remy, Remy, Virgin Hair, Virgin Remy Hair and more. Then to complicate things even more, you may have heard of Jewish Wigs, Kosher Wigs, Malaysian, European, Russian, Russian Slavic, Brazilian, Indian, Cambodian, and Peruvian hair. What does all of this mean? Trinity Custom Wigs (TCW), based out of California understands how this can become confusing. We are...

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