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Trinity's Custom Wig Duplication

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High Quality Custom Human Hair Wigs that Everyone can Buy!

Hair forms a critical part of your appearance. Whether you are a blonde, Burnette, have silky hair or kinky curls, your hair defines your personality. Women, in particular, have a strong association with their hair and having luxurious, thick, flowing hair has become a standard beauty requirement. However, not everyone has naturally thick and glamorous locks. On the contrary, most women use artificial hair extensions and wigs to enhance their experience and make their hair more voluminous and stunning. These extensions range in quality and looks, from average hair pieces to stunning accessories that are custom designed to look exactly like your own natural hair.

There are many different qualities of hair that are adopted by different makers of hair extensions and wigs. If you have been to a hair extension outlet, you will know that the hair is graded as A, AA, AAA, AAAA and so on. This is the basic hair grading system, that the hair extensions and wig industry use to express the quality of their products. However, most people get confused about this system and for those who are new to hair extensions, this can be very confusing. To understand this quality grading, you need to know that the grades actually refer to how many strands measure the full length as stated. For instance, this would mean the percentage of hair strands that come off as 18 inches, in an 18-inch wig or hair extension. The higher the percentage the more As it will score.

However, the quality of the hair is influenced by other factors also. How smooth, how whole the hair is will determine how long the extensions will last. You can easily spot the highest quality hair from a pile, thanks to its sleek shine and think luxurious appearance. This hair of the highest quality can be very expensive. Elite stores and couture wigs shop sale these wigs at skyrocketing prices. Not everyone can afford to buy quality hair for thousands of dollars. Plus, the designs and custom creation of a wig can add more pounds to the total cost, taking it to a sum that the average women simply cannot afford. This is why we, at Trinity custom wigs, aim to duplicate hair opt for the best quality hair to give you that luxurious feel for much less than what you would pay for at the elite stores.

Many of the elite stores like Freedom couture and The Virgin Hair Fantasy design custom wigs. However, these wigs are overpriced, ranging from $1200 to $2500. Clients that buy these wigs have no assurance whether the wig will suit or not. For many, it's a blind investment with no money back guarantee. While, certain companies like Ms. Pinckney- I Wear the Best, Alonzo Arnold – Get Hype Hair, and Tokyo Stylez- Touched by Tokyo do offer a primary tryout, where they adapt the wig, according to your requirements, the real feel of these extension or hair wigs are only evident after you try them on for a day out. I personally feel that these extensions are far too overpriced and not worth the hype, especially if you don’t have a return policy if the wigs fail to meet your expectations.

This is why I personally offer you an alternative. At Trinity custom wigs, I design custom wigs and replicate them from a photo. We basically focus on the high-end wigs, such as from Freedom Couture that we find are too expensive for the so called LUXE. The end product is a flawless, high-quality replica that you can actually afford. You can also provide photos of the wigs that you would like us to design and we'll craft a duplicate for a price you can afford. The best part is that we design wigs with amazing quality, less price and with a money back guarantee. This is the purchase with assurance at Trinity’s Wig Duplication, when you spend $800 or more.

At Trinity custom wigs, we offer the highest quality of hair to create masterpieces. Trinity's Wig Duplication and custom color lace wig are known for incorporating the highest quality of hair for the most reasonable prices. We create wigs that are thick from the roots to the very tip of the hair for a glamorous result and extraordinary volume. Plus, all our hair extensions and hair wigs are designed with particular care and craftsmanship, making them extremely easy to cut, style

and blend at home. This means you don’t actually need specialized hairdresser training to install or style your custom wig, which is always a plus when you are in a rush.