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Who is Trinity Halland?


Trinity Halland is a Houston native and the C.E.O. of Trinity Custom Wigs

Trinity Halland Specializes in Duplication / Recreation of Custom Glueless Full Lace Wigs at 1/2 the price and better quality.  My custom units consist of  a Flawless Illusion Custom Hair Line and No Adhesive is Needed.

Seeing a need for Beauty to be more individualized and personalized and not from the same old cookie-cutter perspective was the main motivation for the birth of TCW. She insists on providing alternative means of Beauty at a reasonable price while still allowing her to use her many creative talents to keep you standing out of the pack. Trinity Halland continues to be motivated to taking TCW to the next level, but never losing focus on the mantra of exclusivity.

Trinity Custom Wigs is your one-stop-shop for all things wig & hairpieces! You can design the look you desire, and it will be made custom, just for you! Your unit is going to last over a year with proper care, and over time it really pays for itself. Each unit and hair piece is made by MY hand, with care, and built to last. We don't want you to need to repair a wig, or it get old, we want you to get more and more to add to your hair wardrobe! 😊

We only offer 100% RAW Virgin Human Hair Line.  Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers at an affordable price. Hair should be easy, fun, and really make you feel even more beautiful. Customs Wigs by Trinity is here to enhance your natural beauty and help you have fun doing so. We guarantee our hair is 100% genuine unprocessed raw virgin hair and not mixed with any other human, animal , or synthetic fiber hair.


When you look good, you feel good!

Well, let me tell you why I love wigs, and how I started wearing them as a protective style. 

Why I started wearing wigs?

BIG CHOP! I got into wearing wigs when I decided I no longer wanted to put chemicals or heat or on my hair, and I did a "Big Chop" in January 2015. Cutting my hair off gave me a fresh start at healthy hair. I had to figure our something In the meantime while my hair grows back. I found an alternative - with a wig, I can look fabulous with different styles and color and keep my hair healthy at the same

 I was my first client: 

I literally wear my wigs almost every single day, and I know them well. I love to switch it up and add to my hair wardrobe. With that, I understand quality is important, and the passion that we have for our hair to look right. Its a LIFESTYLE! Invest in your hair, you will look good and feel great. 

How wigs have made my hair grow:

Custom wigs have now helped me to manage my big chop period and grow super thick and healthy hair! I know you think "wig..?!!" NO WAY!!!

Custom wigs are SO SO different than what they have at the beauty store! 

How I maintain my natural hair:

I wear my wigs while my hair is tucked underneath a wig cap, so that I can wash, moisturize, and condition my hair daily. Since I have started wearing wigs, my real hair looks FLAWLESS, while I enjoy the many different versions of me. 

So, as I began wearing these new hair creations, OF COURSE people wanted to know how they could have one as well! And that's when GOD and my entrepreneurial spirit kicked in! "Trinity Custom Wigs LLC" was created in Sugar Land, TX, the summer of 2015 - with the vision to provide women and clients with quality, hand made hair pieces & "wigs" in order to assist with versatility in looks, and health hair. 

I owe much of ALL of my success to GOD and my wonderful Husband, who inspire me to dream larger, and do big things. Thank you!! Starting your own business can be daunting, but such a reward. Since then TCW has enabled me to follow my passion of being my own boss and to help others. To see my many, many clients happy, and loving my work, it is all worth it. 

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.


Info@TrinityCustomWigs.com or Phone us at 281-962-7804.  Our address is 19901 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, Texas 77479