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Micro Links I-Tip Extensions - DreamCatcher Hair Included

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This Service will Last You 4 to 6 weeks and the hair is reusable.  The amount listed is a deposit for your consultation, if you are a candidate for DreamCatcher's hair extension, your remaining balance will be due at that time.  If not, 100% of your deposit will be refunded.  

Authentic DreamCatcher Hair Included 

A consultation is required to assess your hair to determine if you are a good candidate for I-Tip extensions.  ***Must come with hair washed, cleaned, and ready to assess***

Please come ALONE with your hair washed, clean, and ready to service
Please arrive on time or you will be charged a $15 late fee.
5223 Reading Road, Rosenberg, Texas 77471
Contact #: 832-449-3355